About Me

I am a licensed tour guide, authorized by the Ministry of Tourism in Israel for guiding throughout the country.    I sometimes joke and say that tour guiding chose me.

Instruction on an ancient winery
Instruction on an ancient winery (Photographed by Erez Ofer)

How I became a tour guide

Beyond the fence of my house there is a small winery from the Byzantine period. A short distance from it stretches a forest which holds much evidence of ancient human settlement.

The awareness that people have lived for thousands of years where I live now fascinated me and stimulated my imagination. Who were those ancient people?
What were they doing here? How did they live?  I discovered that the past has influenced me, and our present day lives. It affects our language, identity, and connection to the land.

This led me to join a wonderful group, Guardians of the Community Forest, under the authority of the Jewish National Forest (JNF) and the local municipality, whose mission is to bring residents of our town and others closer to the land and
its heritage, while at the same time protecting the forest as a green lung.

I have been working and volunteering in this group as a guide for over 17 years. Connecting visitors to the history and charm of the area in which I live inspired me to deepen my knowledge and become a licensed tour guide by the Ministry of Tourism.

Explanation of the Midaba map
Explanation of the Midaba map (Photographed by Yael Shabtay)

Volunteering at the Nature and Parks Authority

After beginning my journey with the JNF, I also joined the Israel Nature and Parks Authority as a volunteer. I was one of the first volunteers at Yarkon National Park where I have been enriching the visitor experience in many ways since 2016.

As volunteers, a photo with the Authority's CEO
As volunteers, a photo with the Authority's CEO