I’m so glad that you found me. If you are at my site,  you are probably planning
a trip to Israel and looking for a travel guide to enhance your experience in a memorable,
interesting and relaxing way.  Well, you’ve come to the right spot. 
People do plan their own tours with information on line but that is not suitable
for everyone and often takes away from the total experience.  
That’s why I’m here.

On my trips I provide special experiences and strive to make the best use of your time. 
As your private guide on your boutique trip, I can tailor the itinerary to what most interests you.

 For those who are visiting for the first time you’ll probably want to
see Israel’s most famous sites, whereas repeat visitors will appreciate some
special sites that are a bit more off the beaten track.

I tell stories that integrate information in a way that is fascinating, memorable,
and connected to what you are seeing. Some of my stories are based on
historical facts, archeology, or the Bible, and others are based on my personal
connection to Israel as a native- born Israeli.

Below are some of the reviews of people who have toured with me and have taken the time
to tell about their experiences.

recommendation CINDY
recommendation ALAN
I did the Jerusalem tour